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Closed captioning service

Closed caption service is an important element of any audiovisual presentation including television and online videos.  Primarily, it is to make television programs more accessible for people with hearing impairments. Throughout the years, broadcasters and content producers used closed captions for a variety of applications.

For instance, it is recommended to use closed captions in a public environment where television audio is difficult to hear.  Closed captioning service can also deliver a second language for viewers who speak other language.  For some, texts from closed captions are used for search engine optimization.


Closed captions have also become an integral part of creating and sharing videos online.  With the proliferation of different videos for learning, entertainment, commercials, business, and presentations, closed caption is now a benchmark for quality and professionalism. That is why we have made closed captioning more accessible and affordable for our customers.Closed captioning companies has been a standard practice in the industry today.  As such, the demand for companies providing quality captioning services has increased in recent years.  Look for a company who can provide impressive result that you require for a lesser price and delivered on time.

Online closed captioning services

More and more people are using online closed captioning services for different purposes.  We are trusted by a record-breaking feat of 60,000 happy clients worldwide who rely on our services for premium online closed captions across a wide range of industries including business, financial, academic, and more.  

Are you ready to order your closed captioning services? With our no-hassle ordering system, you can upload your files to our platform to get your free quote.  You can also get in touch with our customer support through our toll free hotlines.  We also have 24/7 online chat which is available wherever you are.  

Our advantages for closed captioning services

1. Secure & Confidential Absolute security for your files using advanced TSL and SSL encryption technology.  Access to your files are limited using strict non-disclosure agreement.

2. Satisfaction GuaranteeWe have perfected the process of captioning to deliver impressive results even on tight deadlines.  Our stringent quality checking ensures 99% accuracy for all projects.

3. International LanguagesReach a wider market with a global scale using our closed captions for over 100+ languages and dialects.

4. Captioning Talents with Pro StudioOur closed captions are handled by expert professionals who are US-based and selected based on strong merits of accuracy, experience, and overall professionalism.

5. Superior QualityWe conform to high benchmark of quality and exceed industry’s standards through our decades of captioning experience.


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