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Closed captioning companies

We are the leading closed captioning company with a strong reputation of completing the job with high regard and excellence.  We are not here to make money but be a helping hands to our customers who require surpreme quality closed captioning services.

As your closed captioning company, we offer quick and accurate results delivered without any delays straight to your e-mail.  The upward demand for closed captions is an indication that companies and individual clients want their contents to be propagated to a wider audience. Being an ISO-certified closed captioning company, we are fully committed to deliver the best for our clients.


We have the largest network of captioners, selected through a rigid screening process.  Our team is comprised of 1,000+ professional captioners, quality assurance managers, and front-line customer care support.  Being one of the top closed captioning companies, we have the expertise to handle all your captioning requirements, be it analog, digital, and high definition.

professional closed captioning company

Captions are now the standard in broadcast media and other audio-visual presentations.  As a professional closed captioning company, we offer captions to various people, organization, and companies transcending industries which include  medical, legal, tv production, media, broadcasting, software, accounting and so much more.

Why used closed captions?Closed captions was primarily intended for people with hearing impairments.  Videos are understood better if there are captions to explain what is happening.  Closed captions is also helpful if you are watching videos in a noisy place adding to the fact that you can concentrate more if there are available captions. 

Closed captions offer many advantages.  When you outsource us as your professional closed captioning company, we offer full-suite of features that others can't duplicate.  Our accuracy rating is high.  This is achieved by putting quality controls on every aspect of the captioning process.

Best closed captioning company

Your security is protected through a robust encryption technology. All data transmitted online are encrypted so nobody else can see it.  We also a  sign non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your personal information and other valuable information.Do you have an urgent order?  You are in for a treat because we have super rush option for this particular dilemma.  Our continuous operations ensure that you will get your perfect captions on time, promptly and swiftly.Budget is one prime consideration as well.


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